Above: How it should have looked like =(.

Well, things didnt go fantastic today. Shouldnt have tried too many new dishes, attempt to feed so many people and not have other good cooks around for help.

Roast beef was a bummer. I know how great this can taste so even though it was decent, it wasnt satisfactory for me. Too many little things that added up to the mess. Lost too much beef juices. Carving was epic fail without a proper carving board and knife. Meat was too unevenly roasted. Sauce was okay. Expected more too but it'll do.

Ham and potato soup was, lol. I didnt even know what I was doing, I just threw stuff in. It tasted surprisingly alright considering how messed up the cooking process was.

Made a miscalculation with potatobacon gratin where I thought to substitute cream for milk. Made the entire texture less like a gratin and more soupy. Potatos were hard, should have boiled them till soft so the entire gratin tastes like one solid slab rather than individual bacon coated potatoes (or was it potato covered bacon heh).

Last minute pasta was just a bunch of premade stuff which didnt turn out very well either. Not that I expected much from that heh.

So all in all, I would say it was rather disappointing. It did feed 15 people for only $4.50 per person which I find absolutely amazing (spamming carbo works heh) considering these food arent meant to be cheap food but hmm. If the standard's not there, theres no point if its cheap. Its just a waste of time and energy.

Few more tries before ns. Deep fried alaskan pollock tomorrow (like fish and chips, but without the chips). I'll give myself one final treat before ns (probably at the start of may) with carpetbag steak and duck steak. Im gonna do those right, even if they'll cost quite a fair bit. After all, ns wont give me much of a luxury to cook anything else besides instant noodles eh?