No im not going to turn drunk

Oh my goodness. I added a dash of baileys to my milo and my mom went 'huh its in the afternoon you're gonna get drunk'. No mom, a dash of baileys (it was like, one teaspoon, super small amount because im just trying it out) isnt going to make me drunk, and drinking in the afternoon doesnt make me more drunk than drinking at night.

Best part:
Mom: That thing has 70% alcohol you know!
Me: No it doesnt...
Mom: Yes it does, your dad said it.
Dad: I said 17%.
Mom: Oh

Heh for the next five minutes I lamented about how drunk I felt before having drank my milo, then when my bro came over to ask me some econs question (yeshh he took H1 in jc so now in uni I get to teach my elder bro econs naize), I gave him a sip and we both lamented about how drunk we felt and how we're gonna faint.

Hey sarcasm can be pretty mean at times, but its downright hilarious if you pull it off right xD.

Anyway, thinking of trying Rei's bailey's tiramisu recipe sometime soon. Maybe next week. It sounds pretty good ^^.