Rinse and repeat

Are we doomed to this endless cycle?

I wonder which is sadder in any relationship between two people. When one person isn't trying at all, or when both are doing their best but it all still comes to naught.

A self righteousness that assumes that others are being self righteous. Thats a tricky one.

I'd like to believe that truly irreconcilable differences do not exist.

Its funny, knowing how we're all imperfect and messed up and yet we must assume the best in others before making any assumptions about them. Once I questioned a friend's intentions and was told that there must be trust. I thought perhaps to be discerning was more important, to always seek out what their intentions truly were because even our closest friends are susceptible to mistakes. I take that back. There must be trust.

There was something surreal in the cyclical nature about the whole thing. The sheer amount of similarities actually spooks me and I cannot help but feel that this is clearly orchestrated. Just one key difference. I find myself at the other end, using the exact same words that not too long ago were spoken to me, hearing the exact words I spoke then. It is to truly stand in another person's shoes and see from his perspective.

Yea, im tired too. Lets start from square one.