Im on a nostalgia spree!

A trip down memory lane: 2008-2009.

Scrolling through old fb photos always give me a nostalgic feeling. When I first started using fb, it was only meant to be a medium in which I could store and share photos, didnt intend to be involved in everything else. Because of that, my photos go quite far back, all the way to early 2009 (well there were two albums on 2008 stuff but posted in 2009).

A couple of weeks back while procrastinating (I think I was supposed to be preparing for the YaleNUS interview the next day), I realised I had photos in my comp taken with my hp older than those on fb, going back to the start of 2008. I looked through them and it felt so strangely out of place.

Who was this person in the photo, I do not know. In fact, who are all these people? None of them look like that anymore. Their personalities have changed. The things on their minds, what drives them, what they pursue, how they feel, how they see life, everything about them. Some of these people whom I used to be close to have become but mere acquaintances. I wonder who they are now.

So I stringed together that video that day, mostly by impulse, and then watched it a few times. I know theres a spelling mistake in there somewhere but whatever. It was something personal, but since it was complied, I thought I might as well post it.

So heres a trip down memory lane.

We all grown and become different people. Physical change is but a small part of that. The person I was in these pictures is so different from who I am today. Heraclitus said a man never steps into a river twice, because its not the same river and hes not the same man.

Do I have any regrets? In a way yea, but I wouldnt call them regrets. Just things that could have gone differently I suppose. And the sense of not knowing how it would have been like if things had indeed gone differently. Sometimes, I lie in bed and wonder, what happened? Where I am today is no where near what I had envisioned for my future in the past. That makes me wonder about the things I dream of in the future now.

I thought of covering 2010-2011 too, but nah. Its not that far removed yet. Still feels part of me, unlike the things of 2008-2009 which seem to be from another life. Besides, there are a good number of photos detailing that on facebook.

I do wonder, when I exit from NS, what will it be like to look back? Would I have regrets? And these friendships I have, would they still hold true?

Oh my sleeping child
The world's so wild
But you build your own