No lyrics hah. This song is different because the emotion it creates is different. You'd realise that its neither quite an entirely happy nor sad song. Its like the two supposedly opposing emotions come together but instead of clashing, they blend in with one another to create a beautiful melody. Its not quite bittersweet, its something more special than that. Bittersweet is like, when I get nostalgic and remember the good old days and how they have gone.

Some people say that happiness and sadness are polar opposites in the same way the east and the west is. You could possibly be in the middle which is neutral, but you can't be at both ends at one time. I'd beg to differ. I think happiness and sadness are opposites in the way sunshine and rain are opposites. They normally do not coexist, but they can. In fact, just this past week on my book out day, it was cat 1 rainstorm in the morning, the rain was really pouring out, but the skies were so bright and the sun was shining down. I really expected to see a rainbow actually but I didn't appear that day. Anyway, so yes some say the two emotions cannot exist together in the same given moment, but there have been times in my life where I have felt both emotions so powerfully at the same time. For me, I distinctively recalled a time when I was overjoyed about something and yet at the same time fully recognised the shattering cost that it carried.

If you ask me, I think its a beautiful thing, just like the rainbow when rain and sunshine mix. Its a feeling which speaks volumes about life and it changes you. You smile, a genuine smile, but your heart stirs within you. The sadness wells up in you but as it floats up it doesn't burst out but blends comfortably with the bliss.


Tomorrow is shell scrape day I believe. Also known as the worst day of your bmt life because apparently thats the day they slot in a few hours of just trying to break you into pieces (its to train your mental and emotional strength because thats necessary in war yes). I don't know the exact details, they may have changed the date (heck it might have been over already), but by rights this should be it.