And of course I'll have a JJ Lin song. He was my favourite artist for the longest time (before I even learnt that he came from WAC or that a couple of people I know personally wrote many of his famous songs heh) and I had actually have more of his songs than I have brooke fraser songs. Thats not fair a fair comparison though heh she only released three albums and I have all of her songs already. But yes, thats how many JJ Lin songs I have.

It was a tough choice to pick initially, I jumped between 翅膀, 冻结, 原來 and 江南 (yes I didn't consider his most famous song 一千年以后 nor 只对你说:사랑해요), wondering which one to put. Then I asked myself which of his songs had a personal meaning to me and that made it easy, it wasn't even part of the four heh.

Secondary school days. Days when I was so immature. Maybe thats why I don't listen to these songs anymore. The personal significance they had for me is now but a long lost history. I grew up and moved on.