And we're reaching the end

So holiday week just ended. We did have lots of time which had absolutely nothing to do. But apparently we don't believe in rest nor free time. So thank you for making holiday week a week I feel like I have completely wasted.

If I ever become a commander, there are many things I will never do to my men and will as much as it is within my power to do so, never allow them to experience. I don't care if 'standards' are not there, I'll find alternative means to achieve them. My men deserve respect.

The purpose is to train, don't ever deviate from that.


Today I put on my sling bag as I walked towards the mrt station. I realised I was instinctively slinging it on my right shoulder when I normally sling it on my left. I switched to my left shoulder sling, and realised that the method by which I instinctively did it was to switch to a neck sling first instead of taking out the whole bag like I would normally do. Then after I completed the switch, the first thought that came to my head was 'hey im backslinging my slingbag'.

Now, seriously. All that regimental brain washing. Its getting pretty difficult to try to keep all this out of my life on weekends.


Aside from all the negativity, it is coming to an end. Though I don't know where things will go from here, but I'd like to think its get better.