And the whole bunch of them are off to batam. It sucks to be here you know, I wish I could be with them. Its worse that im not just staying home or even in school 4 but actually outfield. While everyone's out having a great time, I'll be having the toughest time ever.

Perhaps they've reached there already. I didn't get to say my last goodbyes and I kinda hoped they would drop me a text or something but thats alright. Everyone's excited about leaving for camp I guess. I mean, it sure is something I would really look forward to if I were there.

So church camp for them, field camp for me. I'll come back a different man, but its my resolve to let that difference not be in the form of a broken man but a stronger man. I won't let them break me.

Something's been on my heart, about what it means to be a Christian soldier. I thought I'd talk about it this week but no, I'll go through field camp first then I'll tell you.

Lets go. If I live through this, I know nothing else can stop me.