Welcome to the 2000th of TRCT.

I guess I wouldn't say its a milestone in my blogging, its just another post really. It does make me think about certain things though.

Most blogs don't have that many posts heh. Two thousand is an incredibly large number and it makes me wonder how many words are there in this blog. Half a million perhaps? How many hours have gone into this? I don't regret it though. TRCT has been a medium of expression by which I share some of the things that are on my heart and little moments in my life. It has been an encouragement to people and I hope to see it continue to do so in the days ahead.

So happy 2000th post mmm.


Its midnight now, and when I sleep and awake, I will be entering into this new phase of army life. I frankly have absolutely no idea what to expect. It will be different from BMT so I can't say for sure how it will be for me quite yet.

A few things I earnest hope for.

Firstly, to be placed in a good coy. I don't think the reason for that requires much explanation, but let me define 'good'. I don't think slack means good though I certainly wouldn't mind heh. What I want most is commanders who know what it means to be leaders. Tough training is alright, but only if its training, and a proper work-rest balance is struck.

Secondly, to have Christian presence, Christian comrades around me. This was something I felt deprived of in BMT and it was rather suffocating. It was a daily struggle, the non-existence of like-minded people with whom I can share with made the entire period very trying. It always felt like a lone man's battle against the opposing values and lifestyles that surround me. So a Christian presence would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, time. This is heard is quite possible from rumours of SCS and dota, and thats good. In BMT, no time was really no time, it wasn't an excuse to not seek God. I dreaded how nights were so rushed and as much as I would like to lie down and make phone calls, often I could not do so.

Otherwise, bring it on. SCS won't be a haven I know, because it is after all a command school and even if its true there can be quite alot of admin time at night, I pretty sure training in the day won't be a breeze. Yet like I said, tough training is alright. Yes, perhaps if I had it my way, I'd like to take a good slack off, but the longer I stay in the army, the more I am convinced that something needs to be done about it. Its not for me to sit back and say 'well thats just how the army is' and do nothing about it. I say those words, and im going to do to the best of my ability to ensure that it will be minimized under my watch.

So here we go.