End of week 1

So there goes Foxtrot the slackest company in school 2 and welcome Foxtrot the toughest company in school 2. Its funny how things can change which just one man changing.

Im happy with it though. Apparently many scs enciks don't care. These ones do. It may mean staying up to 9 to settle stuff with us and then booking out late themselves. Reading through all our journal entries and responding to them one by one. Some people complain, say why OC so on, whine about how suay they are that they don't get slack foxtrot, but I'd say people are never satisfied. I greatly respect my OC (and the rest of the command team seem pretty decent too). This is the kind of man who when he calls you to fight with him, you will go because you believe in him.

Hah. Tough training man. Well as long as its not all that unreasonable nonsense and we get to work hard then rest well after that, I guess im fine with it. With our intensive PTs, heh I might get IPPT gold by end of foundation.

Im glad really. Its been a dramatic shift from 5th coy days. Maybe its only week one and its too early to say so. Well, we'll see.

Booking out in boolay is shiok heh. The thing about boonlay (and clementi for that matter) is that it has a very homely feeling to me. Though I still live 2 MRT stops away, I've been around here so much and know the place so well that I feel like I'm home even before I see the mrt station, having recognised the surrounding neighbourhood. Better still, next week onwards I'll be booking out in civi. Then it'll become just any day I'm going home from someone's house. And its prolly pretty convenient if I wanna meet anyone for dinner too :).

So I heard foundation term will be really fun, hah well this is a good start, lets see how it goes mmm.