Its been a tiring two days and im finally back home, striking off a bunch of things from my to-do list heh.

Sleepover at bynes house was rather anticlimatic heh. Mainly because I was sickish, I felt lethargic and didn't want to do anything. For whatever reasons, lefa and bynes weren't inclined to do anything either. So the day ended with us lazing around in the room, hungry and wanting to eat noodles but no one wants to cook. And finally lefa decided to cook and I was going to eat, but then decided not to and went straight to sleep.


And ugh, breakfast was bad. Burning everything left and right. On hindsight, one big issue that can easily be addressed might be the fact that I dump too much stuff in at one time. Gotta do it slow and steady.

Cycling was cool. Im thankful really, because I've been sick and felt sick before we set off too but along the way without realising it myself, I stopped feeling sick and now im back home perfectly healthy haha. Its interesting because I kinda expected myself to get worse for pushing myself despite being sick but things turned out well heh.

Mmm another long day coming tomorrow (well, technically today). Maybe im packing too many things into my schedule and leaving too little time to breathe. Trying to maximize what little I have I guess.

Because damn, its friday already.