Funerals are for the living

I was gonna hunt for Looking for Alaska this block leave but apparently even in July NLB has it absolutely no where. So when I found this book in bynes house on thurs, I jumped into it.

In the same way Hazel likes (ok well maybe thats an understatement) AIA but doesn't have an evangelical zeal about it, thinking of it as her special book, I guess that is true for me. I cant really imagine myself going around telling people about it, but I thought it was special. Not to her extent though hah.


Just one regret about this block leave. I feel like I've spent so much time doing things, accomplishing them, that I seemed to have forgotten to enjoy them. Be it cooking, cycling, stayover, whatever. It all felt rushed and tiring. Almost like the way I did things back in the army, do it quick and proper, get it over and done with. Thats not the way to enjoy things.

Sad to say, this block leave is as good as over. Remind me if I ever forget, do not pack so many things in my next block leave. Spend more time alone (which is not time wastage), spend more time seeking God, spend more time just chilling and doing nothing in particular with friends and family.