I shall be a rebel

Well not really. Im just saying.

The army environment is full of vulgarities flying here and there. Its honestly the only place I've been to so far where I see almost all of the adults regularly swearing in their speech. So what better time to adjust some of my language use!

Im going to try to eliminate a few words from my vocabulary. Firstly, the borderline vulgarities. I don't use the big bomb, but I suppose if I wouldn't say to my pastor 'eh that guy damn asshole leh' then I shouldn't say it to anyone. So words to be eliminated here include 'shit', 'asshole', 'damn' and 'kns. Next would be the less refined words. Words which though are not vulgar in nature, appear to be rather uncouth. These will include 'sia' and 'wahlao'. I think it makes me sound beng heh. So I shan't use them. Finally, I'm going to remove 'frankly' because im annoyed at that word hehe.

So you people who read this are my witnesses! It won't be all that easy, I kinda started yesterday and already caught myself many times but it is after all a habit and old habits die hard. Doesn't mean they're impossible though.

I'm going to be in the army for five days a week though so only I can check myself during this period hmm. Well, it'll take some time, but lets see how it goes.


I'm having book in blues again. Which sucks because I kind of hoped that now that BMT is over, it would be better. The thing about book in blues now is the recognition that once I go in I'm stuck there for five days in a row as well as the fact that it steals away my precious sunday evenings. So even if things are so much better now, there still are blues. Its much more manageable now though compared to the terrible feeling it used to be.

In addition to that, its just that there are some things on my heart that I can't quite seem to resolve. That doesn't make things any better huh.

Well, things will be better once I'm already inside. Its always right before book in that is the worst.