Im at home midweek wow

And the next time I book in, its for POP yesshhhhh.

Anyway, heh with regards to the post below this, im glad to say that parades are actually very good for the mind. Standing still for slightly under ten minutes (twenty or more on the actual day) without moving is impossible if you don't start working those brain juices and pondering about stuff.


Things done by other coys are slack. Things done at BMTC level take it further. Im highly amused at how slack rehearsals are. Three hour lunch breaks? Thats alot of stand by whatevers that could be done back at company line. In fact they'll probably have made us do something if not for the fact that we weren't in rocky hill.

So because of that, I managed to find time to finish the entire of hunger games in one book in. Yesh. A little bit of hunger games commentary. I don't know if its because I watched the movie first, but I felt that the book while great it lacked some of the things that were done brilliantly in the movie. The entire presentation of the capitol and all the hype about the hunger games, the technology, haymitch, district 11 etc. The omnipotent third person perspective as opposed to the first person perspective of the book allowed the movie to develop much better than if it simply stuck with katniss. I felt that the writing wasn't as good as that of some of the other authors I've read and while I give credit for a good plot, how certain events occur and follow through seem to either too sudden or too lacking.

I guess the movie was done pretty well. Few movies are well translated from their books and I suppose the director made a good choice with keeping the main plot but altering the way in which the story is told.

Hopefully, I would be able to grab the second book from ym before book in ^^.