Above: Morton's center cut filet mignon

The thing about when I cook stuff is that it usually costs almost or even more than if I pay for the same thing outside. Naturally of course mine tastes better but a large part of it is honestly because I use better ingredients.

So even though I messed up the doneness a little with my steaks, they're still nice and juicy and way better than even the steaks of their price. I'd say my lousier of the two is about the same standard as the one I had at some restaurant going at 30 plus bucks.<
Of course when you think about it, how hard is it anyway? The toughest part of it is just controlling the heat, and everything else is easy, so do that one thing well and you get the whole thing right.

Each time I cook my own steak and taste the ones outside, it makes me want to try Morton's more. I know that mine and the other ones out there are still missing that perfect taste, and if im going to find that anywhere in Singapore, its going to be there.

Its expensive though =(.

Still hunting for the ultimate soup rawr. Steak and soup are life =p.

Im rambling rawr. Spices are expensive, gotta find a good place to buy cheaper spices.