Things to do during block leave

So USS isn't going to happen, I decided Prince of Persia would be a waste of time, night cycling got cancelled and I decided I was sick of golden oreos. And I've got a few more stuff to do too. Ah well I get my sunset with a guitar by the waterfront ^^.

1) Visit ACS(I) - Mon
2) Pack the house - Tues
3) MOE interview thingo - Wed
4) Have a stayover - Wed
5) Cook steak and soup - Wed
6) Full day cycling - Thurs
7) Edit extended essay for competition - Fri
8) Read a book

Seems pretty packed hmm.


Update: I went through 9 weeks of BMT, soaked in the rain during field camp, cold wind blowing against me without a jacket, eating food in a not so clean way, non stop activities, sleep deprivation and so on and so forth, and I never fell sick. Sometimes I thought of letting myself fall sick to avoid stuff, but I never did fall sick. And then I POP and come home in the nice comfortable house I live in a develop a fever. Nice. This is highly upsetting. Essay is pushed to fri because I don't feel well enough to stay up tonight and I had to tuition both my cousins earlier today. I hope I didn't cause them to fall sick.