Time crunch

Ugh this is upsetting.

My little mission which I planned to take the whole afternoon is as of now still incomplete. I expected it to take what, 2 hours tops? Its been 6 and I have to spend a few more hours on it tomorrow. And the thing is, I don't know if it will actually turn out well. I'd hate for it to be a complete waste of time. I can't afford such wastage.

(I even keep thinking, I shouldn't have bothered, wasted my time, but I know its for a purpose and no one expects it to turn out like that so I shouldn't be thinking like that).

And now, theres so much left to do, so little time. I have yet to begin on that essay which was supposed to be done last tues but fever and unforeseen circumstances came into the picture. It was supposed to be done tonight but im so tired and I have a couple of other things to do before I sleep.

Im afraid that I'll have to spend sunday clearing whatever's left and I really don't want that. Its my last moment of escape. A last chance to spend time with friends and family before military life resumes. I'd absolutely hate for it to be spent on clearing last minute items.

Maybe I did attempt to cram to many things into one week. Barely had any time of silence by myself, its just been non-stop transition from one activity to another.

Sigh. Time, its always time. I can't help but feel annoyed everytime Eugene goes 'sigh, money', regardless of whether its a valid concern or not.