They have called us the queen of the battlefield

Actually, I think some of the stuff you do in infantry is pretty fun. No wait before you scream blasphemy and attempt to tie me to a stake and set me on fire, let me explain a little.

I absolutely do no enjoy carrying my field pack and a matador and going for route marches. Nor do I enjoy being soaked to the skin in the rain while sleeping in the shell scrape. No I don't like doing one third alert.

What I do enjoy is the little tactics and strategies employed. The concept of infantry, not the actual soldiering in it heh. I do think group battle formations, fire and movement, urban ops, platoon harbouring, immediate ambush, deliberate ambush and all those things like that are pretty cool. Except when im doing it and I get all muddy, sweaty and dirty while carrying the matador and dying under the hot code black sun. Then it sucks. But yes, like I said, conceptually I find them really interesting heh.

I guess infantry's the closest thing you have to a combination of skill and strategy being employed. The closest thing to what you see in those battles in movies and tv dramas. I hardly think firing artillery strikes into the distance upon command is as interesting as an actual firefight. Sure artillery absolutely destroys infantry but hey, its just mindlessly pressing stuff and watching the rounds fly.

All that being said though, infantry still sucks heh. The cons outweigh the pros. I do feel that too often people just blast infantry like its the most terrible thing that ever existed. I used to do that too but I thought field camp was a pretty interesting experience (that I would not want to repeat). And I guess when you're stuck here, you just gotta make the best of what you have and see the good side of it all.