What have we become?

I'm really disgusted about the way people here talk about women, clubbing, girlfriends and sex. I wouldn't say its everyone who is talking like that, but the people who are are so vocal about it, it makes me really uncomfortable.

If people are tempted and succumb, thats one thing. I'd say perhaps the person wasn't careful and should learn from mistakes. But when one's entire value system is based around such messed up things, when they're actually proud about it, it really makes me fear for our generation. What exactly is so funny about it all? I really don't get it.

I think I've been living under my nice little comfortable rock for too long, thinking that this nation isn't all that bad yet. I've only been hanging around a select group of people in society, and even within those group, select individuals. Such exposure is rather new.

And to think how we view sexuality is just one portion of it. Its goes beyond that. Non romantic relationships, drunkenness, gossip, judgementalism, love. I am disturbed.