You can't please everybody

"I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends."
- Abraham Lincoln

I won't pretend to understand why there are people who just don't like me. Its funny because I don't ever rememeber how I have offended them, and I don't ever treat them worse than any others. No matter what they do, I always choose to still see them as someone loved by God, perhaps a little misguided but I too am a sinful man. Yet they still remain biased against me, no I don't understand.

It doesn't bother me in the least that a couple of people here and there dislike me, but I find it a pity. Why make enemies? Why set yourself up against me? I don't hate you. You're trapping yourself in hatred and disdain. I'm not the one imprisoned. I don't need your validation.

I wished we could maybe sit down and talk things through but apparnetly not everyone works that way. I hope that in days to come as I continue to live this life of mine, their perceptions will change and see who I really am. Yet as long as those tinted eyes remain, nitpicking is still going to continue and perhaps there won't ever be a resolution.

I really wish for their sake that I may have a chance to show them Christ in me.


This is unconfirmed, but apparently we're losing our two nights out this week because people just cannot behave themselves. Maybe in this manner, I'd prefer BMT. People go less wild. Isn't it silly if people just go downright crazy when there is an absence of enforcement of a 'law'? Yet thats what people do. I won't because I have my standards, but it makes me wonder what kind of standards do other people live by, the fallenness of man, and to ponder C.S. Lewis' words when he speaks of the Natural Law.

These are our future commanders. There isn't really a question as to why people say this organisation is screwed up huh. Perhaps more often than not, these people who say it are themselves the main culprits that result in all this messed up nonsense.

And well, lets not pretend its just limited to here. The whole world is hellbound.

I am to be the salt and light of the earth, yet I feel so small and have no idea how I can change all these.