Cursed through sludge

This has been a terribly depressing and tiring start to professional term. Makes you wonder what will be coming if this is supposedly the easier beginning.

Also, I happen to be pretty famous in my platoon now for getting 4:46 in my SOC. Passing time is 4:45. But its alright I'll have another try soon enough.

I had guard duty on sat but I think most probably someone else will be taking over me so I'll be doing IPPT on sat morning instead and then some other day I'll have to pay back that duty. I'm not sure if it was the best of decisions really, in my position I had a choice to swing both ways and I chose to be out this sat. Really need a breather and take time off to allow myself to be better prepared for this term. Unfortunately, paying back another time isn't going to be good for my future duties of course, not to mention the fact that if I fail to get a silver this IPPT, it is about six weeks of sat morning burns before the next IPPT test. And it isn't that hard to screw up IPPT with this insane schedule and late nights we've been having. I hope it was a right choice and not something I'll come to regret.

Saw some of the Foxtrot command team today, there were at our neighbour company doing IPPT. We do really miss being with them. I wouldn't mind doing PT with 2IC everyday as opposed to what we have here.

Since I'm already here, I'll have to make the best of it. No point wallowing in self pity nor whining, I never liked whining. Trying to get myself back into my survival mode than allowed me to go through BMT in 5th coy. With that, I believe that I can get through this.

On an unrelated note, someone commented that friends in NS come and go. I'd have to agree. Foundation term is just over and so many people have seem to become but a distant memory. Whats real is my current section, my current platoon. The recommended friends section on facebook is swarming with names and faces I'd recognise, lives I've crossed paths with and fought hard together with, but I don't think I'll be adding them because I don't suppose now that we've gone through it and a new chapter has begun, these old characters matter anymore. And it would probably be the same here for professional term wouldn't it?

This is increasingly depressing. I'll stop here and catch my much needed sleep.