Here we go again

I kinda knew this week is a shiong week but not like this. 530am revelie, then I think in the morning can lepak but got all sorts of things to prepare, outfield at noon till late night, perhaps even past midnight. Rinse and repeat tuesday to friday. Next week has a couple of days like that too. Its a really bad time to be LSC.

One of the things that really makes this life tolerable is that little bit of time you have at night to rejuvinate. With night training every night, admin time is non-existant. You just come back to sleep and theres no time to yourself. You return, to sleep, to wake up. And whatever happened to my seen hours of rest, or five for that matter.

Times like this are the times I feel really discouraged and wished I had a non combat fit vocation. I'm enduring through it, looking forward to its end. It makes me even more uncertain when I think of what is to come after this though. The part of me that wants to give up and take the easy way out wants me to make a decision, the part of me that wants to trust God and take that 'gamble' resists it.

I'll do my best, and really, I fully expect to get through it. In the moment though, its tough.