The International!

I am so tempted to wake up at 3am tomorrow to watch NaVi vs LGD but thats crazy. It is potentially going to be the most epic match in dota history though. Last year, NaVi steamrolled The International, sweeping every game up till the grand finale against EHOME where they lost one game in a best of five. This year, instead of 3 games per team in the prelims, there were 14 games played per team and LGD swept all 14 games and are still on a continous streak, 18 in a row so far. Now the defending champions are going to be up against this new dark horse which is just bashing its way through everyone.

I havn't seen LGD play actually, but I will soon. Loaded a couple of games featuring them and Zenith (since I wanna watch Zenith too).

Meanwhile, heres the best game I have seen all my life. I could watch this over and over again. And this comes right after IG out picked and played a perfect game against NaVi, stomping them in a The International record time of 16 mins.