The last day

I always believed one thing. Sometimes you see a crazy time ahead of you, and you don't know how are you ever going to do it, but just go ahead anyway, and eventually you'll find yourself at the other end, having completed what you thought was impossible.

Today is day three of continous outfield week, tomorrow being the last day. Today was also the toughest day so far, in more ways than one. At last though, we're coming to an end and tomorrow's should be much easier comparitively. Add on to the fact that today marks the last day of my appointment as an LSC (which is actually a pretty easy job when you're doing in camp admin but so much tougher when you're outfield), things are looking good.

I guess IB kinda trained me to be able to survive in situations of sleep depravity heh. So many people are just falling like leaves with all these chiongsua.

One last day, here we go.