The sun will rise the birds will sing for us for you for me ah


This is so much easier to type on a comp. My strange blackberry doesnt have a caps lock key.

So because of some info that came in, we don't have to go for our GPMG live firing in the morning. Instead, it starts in the afternoon and that means the morning got freeded up with nothing to do. So the commanders threw one more IPPT in there and I cleared it whooo. No RT =).

Anyway, I realise IPPT gold's alot harder than it seems heh. Not that it will keep me from trying but it isn't something that just because I work hard I will be able to achieve.

Something may have to change though. That whole thing about working hard for the bayonet. This has nothing to do with my IPPT results (because I know I stated it initially together with the fact that I had not cleared my IPPT and now I'm mentioning it again with the IPPT results change). Bascially, the previous infantry professional term just got their posting and while there is always a degree of uncertainty, some trends were noted. The big buff fit guys all went to guards, and the bayonet holders all went to unit. So, to have a better chance to avoid guards or unit, you ought to be less buff and less on.

How strange things work. Seems that it pays to slack off.

Im still going to do well though, but I guess I shan't be too on. I'll do my part, earn my keep.