Wake me up when september ends...no wait don't thats in an hour or so I need my sleep

Another weekend that passed by far too quickly. I suppose it really has to do with how jammed packed everything is. My parents complain about my weekend schedules, which is true. My weekends are so filled with activities that I don't have time to rest and before I know it, its time to book in again. What can I do though? More rest means more time not spent doing things that I don't get to do on weekdays.

I don't like it, the way I every weekend I have to make choices to do some things and give up on others. This sat morning and sun afternoon that passed there actually was publicity filming for the upcoming di camp, but I didn't go for both, because I havn't tuitioned my cousin (usually on sat mornings) for awhile now and I wanted to rest on sun afternoon knowing how the previous weekend went. I feel bad for leaving this job to other people who are pretty busy too though. After all, it is also my responsibility. Sat night I skipped dinner with di peeps to join the ac peeps, and I wonder why can't I have both. Not to mention that also means I missed dinner with my family.

They say one thing army teaches you is to prioritze what is really most important. If thats the case, I think I have too many equally important things in my life. Its funny, because I hear some people talk about how they can actually get bored on weekends, and about how others spend their weekends just gaming the entire day because there is nothing else to do.

Well, at least last week is over. This week has its fair share of tough days. Tomorrow and wednesday are going to be whole day outfield days with wednesday probably being the most intense day in pro term so far (excercise gypsy practice), but at least it has its fair share of normal, more chill days. Apparently there's nights out on thursday too so thats good.

So heres to another week of soldiering on.


On an unrelated note, it appears that I look sad when I'm lost in my thoughts. A couple of people have I asked me why I look sad before when I'm not and I have explained it to them, but I hear it so often in army that I think some people must think I'm depressed or something. I'm guessing thats because I normally smile a little, but it isn't my neutral expression but rather something I learnt over the years. Its a little something I picked up since early secondary school when I noticed people always looked sad on the public transport irregardless of whether they actually are, and I decided that I wasn't going to do that. I'm guessing that since it has become a habit now that I'd smile a little so people kinda expect that to be my neutral expression. When I'm lost in my thoughts, I don't have that small smile on so people think I'm sad. Chill people, I'm not sad, I'm just not smiling.