Its not parents appreciation day but whatever

"I don't need the sponge"
*Gets it anyway*
"I don't need the cream, really don't need, reallllllyyyyyyyy, don't go buy ah"
*Gets it anyway*

I need a new word to describe my mom. Something like annoyingly nice. So irritating in doing things for you heh.

And while originally I was only going to mention the above because it is kinda cute heh (BUT ANNOYING STILL KAY), in case dad gets jealous he doesn't get a shout out:

"Hey I just woke up and I'm late could you take some precious rest time off and waste some petrol money making a long trip all the way to the far away forsaken land of tanah merah on the other end of this island?"

Not quite the exact words used but its to that effect heh.