Standing still

I'm writing because it bothers me. I'm not explaining because the internet is full of stalkers. I'm not afraid to explain in person if asked though, just that I'm not about to let anyone twist anything out of context.

It has been a rollercoaster week. Full of drama, and today concludes one of the dramatic episodes of the week with climax of it featuring me. So much for choosing not to be 'outstanding', now I'm pretty famous alright.

Honestly, I'm not satisfied with how things turned out but sigh, whatever. The thing that irritates me most was that my intentions were all right, but somehow before I could even do what I really wanted to do, this whole thing comes around and bites me before I was prepared, against how I had wanted it to go. And then it becomes like it's my fault when I always planned to do it the proper way. Sigh, what can I say, image is important and apparently its my fault so long as I give the wrong perception. Whatever, at least I'm not in trouble and the matter is let off, but it was a close call.

Heck, I think it acheived some good on a whole. Maybe things will improve from here. Steps have been taken.

I'll just go back to my little hole and not concern myself with things, out of trouble. Though that would be pretty hard when you're already prominent. Shutting up and minding your own business seems like an important life skill here.

It's been a long day.

On the bright side, today was a rather interesting day taking the NJC students on a tour around the camp. I'd probably be more enthusiastic writing about this but I'm just feeling so tired.