Starlight updates

Haha we just got some good news for Ex Starlight. So apparently we're going to play the enemy for Juliet and Mike for the entire Ex Warrior (which is unquestioningly the toughest exercise of pro term), which means we're going to be defense intensive instead of offensive intensive. Defense is normally already more relaxed than attack (no marching to objectives overnight and pulling off a dawn attack, instead just camp overnight and wait for enemy to come), but in addition to that we are told that we are not allowed to dig shellscrapes in ROC. Which means the job for defense just got cut down alot further. Clearly unfair towards Juliet and Mike heh but I'm not going to complain. They've had a better life all the way so far, let us enjoy one week plus of significantly better life heh.

I am looking forward to Starlight actually, not just because its means the end of course is in sight, but because I think it'll be interesting. A completely different environment, dealing with the cold instead of the heat (which I handle much much better), and of course R&R. With this good news for Warrior, ROC should make good memories. I hope.

Almost there. Almost there. The main bulk of training is over, our intensive weeks of no rest are past with the end of Ex Grandslam. The only highlights left are CSB tonight and PLF (which shouldn't be tough) next week, (then mega lepak week of holidays and off in lieus and stuff) then Starlight here we go.

Finally we're seeing first light. Dawn is coming.

Last post from this laptop, signing off!

Update: Haha just got more good news. This is going to be the easiest CSB march in history. Not that it will be easy, it's just much easier than what all the previous batches went through. Kinda sucks more now that my detail didn't get the Gypsy checkpoint, especially knowing that it was so close.