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 Long Distance Running

Completed 10km run today! 55 mins, third slowest person in the platoon, pretty slow for the people who do run 10km, but whatever man. Its funny coz I never ran more than 2.4km before foundation term, then I never ran more than 3km before pro term. Everytime I run 3km I feel like I'm dying already, who knew in a month I'd be running 10km?

In the same way, I didn't think I'd be able to survive excercise gypsy practice yesterday, but now I know I can so on the test date I'd do it. Then its left with 32km route march, the hardest of them all but if I can do all these I don't see why I can't do that either. CSB here we go.

In the course of running the 10km though, something occurs to me. After a mere 2km or so, I was already tired. I wonder how could I do it. I thought to myself that perhaps I should give up. Yet I went ahead anyway. At the 5km mark, I felt so tired I once again thought of stopping. I am only halfway there, it doesn't seem possible to do it.

Yet I did finish the entire run without stopping, and I felt that it spoke volumes about perseverance, discipline and our human mind. To be able to travel five times further in distance after initially thinking of stopping showed that it was never an impossible feat. Yet in that moment, it did feel like it was. Not in a easily give up manner, but in a genuine assessment of the situation, all facts considered, it really did seem impossible. All the same, it was done.

It as if we were conditioned to believe that we cannot do it, despite the fact that we actually can. That we fail to understand how possible sometimes the impossible is.

And I wonder, running this particular run, how does it reflect the way I run the race?