Cold nostalgia chills me to the bone

Was watching old videos on my facebook with some of the guys, then came home and watched a few more myself. Power of the snap, weiren chronicles, joshua tan being really small and cute, the drinking goggles showdown, lefa's keyboard skills, and many others.

The way we think and feel have changed. The way we speak, the way we walk, the way we portray our image, our concerns in life.

Do we wish to return to the past? Some people say that our younger days will always be the best days of our lives, and indeed nowadays we aren't so crazy anymore.

Life isn't about adrenaline and thrill and crazy times though. Nowadays, I'd rather sit down and have a nice meal with someone, to share our lives with one another. I would have thought it to be boring back then, but now I realise that the quiet love and deepening bonds between us will always be far more precious than any activity. These times have been enjoyable times when we came together, but they were but building blocks in our relationships. There are people whom I have had so much fun with but hardly even speak to anymore because I enjoyed the fun more than the companionship.

In that understanding, I won't return to the past. The present has so many things of which I am immensely grateful for.