Grilled salmon and vegetables

Carrots were uneven, some were more raw others were alright. French beans (substitute coz I couldn't find any asparagus) obviously weren't going to be as good as asparagus and indeed it lacked the crunchiness, but otherwise it was decent. Corn was sweet yay.

Salmon was unevenly cooked with makes me wonder how the heck do you cook salmon from the supermarket evenly (its like so fat then so thin). Additionally, heat was too high which burnt some parts but overall was pretty decent. Pretty plain though, just your typical grilled salmon, perhaps cutting the marinating time by half wasn't that good an idea. The marinate was pretty plain in the first place too anyway, and I wonder why did I not think of adding garlic which is instant win and why did I think that adding teriyaki marinade would have made it overkill. Well at least the grilling is alright, I'll say the overall standard is okay for a first time.

By nice little cafe/family restaurant standards (LENAS etc): 5/10 for the vegetables, 6/10 for the salmon. Fixing the little mistakes that can be easily fixed should make it 8/10 for both.