New phone!

So, I finally got rid of that old cranky blackberry and bought a new phone! =)

People keep telling me 'omigosh why you buy htc it sucks' (almost all of them being iphone uses ahem), and im like, chill I do my homework before I buy stuff, it seems pretty good actually. This one's a mid range phone (alot of the high end phones have giant screens and I have something against iphones) and apparently one of the best in the market for its price so hey don't judge me for getting htc. I wasn't going to get the samusung ace II. And my phone's 4g is your's huh.


(Oh look I just unintentionally talked like Oskar). I redownloaded my whatsapp and for those who don't know, I used to own a sony xperia mini pro (it sucks) and had whatsapp on it. So when it died and I changed to my blackberry, the whatsapp just kinda stayed there and people continued to think I have whatsapp and msged me, invited me to groups convos and all. So when I opened my whatsapp just now, my phone froze. Just for a short while because its a good phone, but it was laggy for the next minute or so as I watch OVER A THOUSAND messages pour in. Yup. Thanks I feel so loved.

Ok so 99% of it were group convos that I weren't involved in. Still.

Anyway, point is, I have whatsapp now yay! And faster-than-you data plan. Life is good.