Alright that's it. I shall upgrade my kitchen gadgets, it would be a good investment considering I'll be using them for many years to come.


While I'm at it, a whole bunch of things I should get soon:

Oven (For so long but never got down to getting one thats big enough but yet fits into my kitchen nicely)
Zester (Like a grater but finer, the darned thing I didn't have today and as it turns out peelers don't replace zesters)
Measuring cups and spoons (Makes life much easier)
Food Processor (Makes life much much much easier)
Ice Cream Maker (Better ice creams and more variety then what I can currently offer)
Mini fridge (Hehe more of a luxury than something I need)
50mm prime lens (For those really nice good quality small depth of field shots)
Telephoto lens (For zooooooooming in)

Expensive stuff but meh, I think sometimes I'm too stingy with my money when it comes to buying stuff for myself (that's not for eating heh I can spend alot on eating xD), should put my pay to good use or inflation will kill it anyways.