Vocal =/= Complaining

Sometimes I wonder how many people who slam the white paper actually know what the white paper is all about. I don't pretend to know it and am not trying to support either side, but its pretty annoying to see my feeds full of it.

Maybe we shouldn't go around criticizing if we don't have better solutions, and maybe in the first place we should treat authority figures with the due respect and honour (and then when 2016 comes along if you still don't like them then vote them out). I mean, we can disagree, but it seems that whatever forms of gentleness and respect we have when it comes to other people and other issues are thrown out of the window and replaced with flaming, hate and outright disgust when it comes to anything related to politics.

I get a little annoyed when people refuse to help out with the aging population (by doing their part and get that 2.1 going) but keep complaining about the things the government is trying to do about it. Whatever happened to constructive criticism.

I guess that is one thing I really can't stand about this society, there's just too much unfruitful noise sometimes.