I realise that I have not really given myself time this past week (and even before I suppose) to reflect and to ponder life. Sure I've made a couple of observations and remarks here and there, but I never thought deeply about them. It is important that these things don't just become empty comments quickly forgotten but be part of a process of shaping lives.

Been spending my free time in whatever way I felt like, which of course had its fair share of important stuff but perhaps only because those come quite naturally to me. I have not really intentionally sought to live my life driven by eternity, to put effort into things that truly matter. Been focusing too much on worldly things (some good of course but still of the world), harbouring thoughts not quite pleasing to God (both for myself and in relation to other people). Kinda just drifting about aimlessly.

A couple of small oberservations today just brings me back to this reality, and I really ought to slow down, push aside the distractions that I have been allowing to enter into my life, and in the presence of God think through the important questions of who am I and why am I.

I'll have to leave that to tomorrow thought, procrastinating isn't good but right now I'm still recovering from section live firing exhaustion and am finding it hard to ponder anything much.