Never thought this day would come

I actually want to hurry up and go study heh.

It's kinda strange because all my school life its 'oh gosh more homework' or 'sianz study this nonsense', but I guess it really had to do with doing subjects I had absolutely no interest in *ahem*. That and being childish and wanting to do nothing but chillax all day and waste time.

So NUS admission results are out, I havn't actually went to check mine (my ID number thingy at home waiting for my bro to send me) but I don't think I'm being presumptuous to assume that I got the place, not like I applied to oxbridge or something heh. It does bring me back to the point last year where I fretted and wondered what I wanted to study because everything that was interesting wasn't practical and everything that was practical wasn't interesting, and how what I wanted to study wasn't what I wanted to do and so on.

It comes back to me once again and makes me wonder if this is the path I really want to take, with so many voices around telling me I should do this and that and not waste what I have, and really by reasoning it doesn't make sense.

But I suppose in this case 'I want to' is good enough a reason.

I don't know what it means for the future, maybe some might say I don't plan far ahead enough, but well I never really planned too far ahead for my life thus far but yet all in all, it has been good. I suppose planning ahead probably gives stress when you don't seem like you're staying on the track you mapped out too.

So here's to not worrying about it and come what may, knowing that what really matters at the end of the day is a life lived in devotion to the King.

At any rate, there are actually a good many chances to make decisions even during university so no worries there.

One thing to think about now possibly though, I may not want to do a history as my second subject (minor/major/second degree) after all. It is something I can easily read up in my free time and pearl's work hardly looks all that appetizing heh. Stealing readings and going through it myself, without all the assesments, that seems like a good idea heh. Perhaps a more practical second subject?