Show me Your Glory

1) How you think, what you think about, what you feed your mind and your heart with, will be how you live. If you believe in something, it will be apparent in your life. If what you believe does not translate to how you live, then perhaps you don't believe in it enough.

2) Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed by everything that I am not.

3) I always liked the Vine Band, but not because they make really wonderful sounding music, there are many songs that sound nicer than theirs. I like the Vine Band because of the authethicity of their faith that is expressed in their songs, the depths of their heart cries, the challenge that they pose to all who listen to them. In the album From Ashes To Beauty, the chorus of God of Justice asks God to 'keep us from just singing, move us into action'. This is especially powerful being the last track in the album, after singing things like 'will you take these hands of mine and use me', 'abandon all I am for but a glimpse of You my King' and even 'make me poor, that I may come to see your grace, make me weak that I may come to know your strength'. I just think to myself, all of these lovely songs of worship I listen to, how are these songs an accurate reflection of my life?

4) Keep the cross forever before my eyes, seared into my heart and written into my mind, that I may live as who I am meant to be.

5) Eternity.