Welcome to the new age

Of monsters and men is becoming really popular nowadays, I first saw people talking about it early last year but it hasn't quite died down every now and then I still see someone post a link on facebook, and its usually this song heh.

Well personally, I don't really love them all that much (A HERETIC!), mainly because somehow I just...can't really appreciate the female vocals? I mean, well I listen to it objectively, yea she is really talented but the sound just doesn't quite agree with me. The first time I heard the song I couldn't make myself finish it heh but it gets better after a few times. And I like songs like that I guess, songs that grow on you.

The other thing is that their lyrics sometimes seem far too vague until it hardly makes any sense anymore. I'm sure they had something in mind when they wrote the song, but they aren't telling it. And while I understand artists may like to keep things ambiguous to allow people to have their own interpretations, I just feel that they overdo it. A personal opinion of someone who just needs to have an answer I guess heh.

So I'll stick to just this one song.

Imagine dragons is the other band thats really popular now. I first really noticed when Lindsey Stirling did a cover of radioactive, then all of a sudden I was noticing it everywhere. I really like the power and energy behind radioactive. They have another really great song It's Time which I personally feel would stick with me longer than radioactive would.

After that though, listening to the rest of the songs somehow I felt that the songs begin to lack a distinctive sound. I liked every of the other six or seven songs I listened to, but I didn't find anything else particularly fantastic, there just wasn't anything in the songs to really capture me. The best of the 'others' for me personally would be Demons, but yea it doesn't really leave an impression it just feels like another song in the vast sea of good songs.

I'll end of this post with one last song. This case is pretty amusing because there were two possible artists I could pick from. The guy is super super good, but I just don't really seem to like that Hawaiian sound that much (just like how I wouldn't be able to appreciate jazz of heavy metal even if they are really really good). The girl's one suits me more, but I can't stand her voice heh. Still, what a medley.