Was just talking today about lives and people and suddenly I wonder what other people think of me. In a way we were kind of 'talking behind others back', but it wasn't in a backstabbing, gossiping, badmouthing way but simply just talking about who they are.

It occurs to me that even in speaking about other people, I wonder what do other people speak of me when I am not around? How do they perceive me as a person, what are their thoughts towards me? Clearly how I see myself would differ from how other people see me and I would be interested in finding out what do other people think.

Maybe I'll ask sometime. I suppose we don't speak some of the things we discussed directly to other people because there just isn't a reason to, or perhaps we fear we may offend them even though we mean well. Hopefully if I ask those around me to tell me what they think, I may be able to get a truthful response and come to better understand where I can better improve myself as well as to discover if I have been able to make a difference in the lives of those around me.