Ugly sides of life

I'm feeling rather angry at a certain individual who displays little to no respect to other people, stepping all over other people's faces just to make himself look good, make life miserable for other people just to cover his own tracks, while at the same time being a huge hypocrite and putting up facades to his superiors by not doing exactly what he expects of other people.

At a point in time I was really wanting to stand up, openly contest his claims and letting him fall into his own trap that has dug, shaming him by revealing his great hypocrisy, throwing sarcasm and his own words back at him.

I didn't. For one, shaming someone publicy isn't exactly very nice and I don't particularly believe in getting even. If I were honest with myself though, I would probably have done it at that moment anyway if not for point two, that it wouldn't achieve much but I am afraid that it would just make my own life miserable for the next one year I have here.

Which is frustrating, because even if I wasn't going to shame him publicy, if he were my equal, I would have already done something about this, to point out his hypocrisy and warn him I would have no qualms about bringing it to public if he persists.

And he knows that, which makes it so that when he asks for the reflections of other people, it becomes extremely irritating. People just wouldn't say anything against him, and as he has displayed numerous times before, he would use his incredibly senseless logic to deflect anything that came to him. Some rules are just too vague and can be interpreted to mean anything. Try non-complicance to lawful order, that just means whatever he says is right and no one can contest it.

He doesn't deserve the power he wields, and as he continues to step on people and climb higher, this whole organisation will just sink further. And that's the thing about an organisation that has so much emphasis on keeping in line, strong stand against insubordination, and give so much power to authority to make your life miserable (perhaps too if I may add, the fact that its a job which pays very high despite low qualifications so people aren't exactly keen to quit here for survival's sake). People like him will just keep coming and step their way to the top uncontested, playing on the fears of others.

This guy, give him absolute power, and people like him wouldn't hesitate to become the next Hitler. Unfortunately I won't pretend that he is a rare specimen of mankind. People talk about how evil Hitler is and how they are not like him at all but I wonder how many people would become like that if they too were given his cunning, influence and power.

This power play, amongst other reasons, is why few talented people will ever pursue a career in the army leaving it with a poor talent pool, and why the organisation will always be looked down upon by others. I've met many unsavoury characters here, but this is the third person who really takes things to extreme levels (and by far the highest ranking one yet). The more time I spend here, the more cynical I become and just can't wait to leave. I wouldn't say all people are bad if anything I met many great people here whom I respect, and I do genuinely believe that people who actually do things right and proper outnumber those who do not, but they are not enough. You need alot more light to brighten this overwhelming darkness.

I do hope other people learn something from this though. If they too were angered (which was pretty clear many people were just no one spoke out), hopefully they would understand how others under their command would feel, and that they too should not treat others under them like that.


Food for thought:
"There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal."
- C.S. Lewis