Before it bursts into flames

My comp has always been dying, randomly overheating from time to time when I turn on a program that is memory intensive (read: dota 2). Recently it has been getting worse and has hit a point where now it overheats almost every time during the game.

I don't think I will be getting a new computer any time soon so yea. I guess my days of dota 2 on my comp have come to an end.

Personally its quite alright though, recently I have become more interested in watching the competitive scene more than participating in the actual game myself so I won't be missing playing dota all that much. I've only been playing on weekends anyway. I suppose this will also free up more time for me to pursue other activities like cooking =p.

So till I get a new comp then (which might well be only after I go uni).

Btw, G1 League Lan Finals. Alliance is (Y) and the chinese fanboys who kept declaring 'no one beats China so even the best Western team won't stand a chance' are all digging a hole in the ground to hide themselves now heh.