One generation

What will you live to do?
What have I left for you?
What will we leave behind?

How could I not put in an appropriate Brooke Fraser song heh xD.

Well DI's sharing has been on one generation away and a friend also shared about how we are the next generation of 'adults' running things in this world, so I guess I've been thinking abit about generations recently.

Just now, I saw on fb a photo of a father I know holding up his princess daughter up in the Lion King pose. First thing I thought was 'haha that's pretty funny'. The next was 'haha you know what would be even funnier, when she grows up and sees this photo'. My third and fourth thoughts were 'wait she probably wouldn't even know Lion King, it would be one of those old films to her' and 'she is going to grow up in a generation where all her life and the lives of her friends from birth would be documented on facebook wow that's pretty scary'.

And the fifth was 'one generation changes everything'.

I think about how even as I grow up we evolved from diskettes to zip disks to thumbdrives and now even cloud services. How in the past ten years clementi changed from fountains to reconstruction to cityvibe and now clementi mall for awhile already.

Things really are changing at a really fast rate and I can't even begin to imagine how our society would look like ten years from now. Yet we are the ones who have influence to make the change in society. We are the ones who will ultimately be crafting the lives of those in the future.

I thought of the video shown in DI by the skit guys on the chain of impacting lives, and I think, this chain doesn't stop here it goes on and on, one generation to the next endlessly. In that sense, how we live our lives today will affect the way generations to come will be.

The seeds we sow today, whether they be good seeds or bad seeds, will grow into new trees, and those trees in turn will sow new seeds. In God's grand plan, we would not exactly know how all this will work out (its one heck of a huge plan), how all the subtleties in the way we live our lives will come to affect the future in some form of the butterfly effect. It's crazy, and I'd like to think that if we recognise just the sheer immensity of our influence, we might choose to live our lives differently.