One more

Link not working. The match I posted here is game 2 of
Because Alliance vs Fnatic is always so fun to watch.

Anyway on the Alliance (not saying they won this match go find out yourself who won), people keep saying that the Alliance are the number 1 team in the western scene now without a doubt, but they are also saying that it doesn't mean that they can fight against the eastern teams, and many predict IG will just stomp the Alliance (well IG stomps everyone).

I do however think that people are really exaggerating the skills of the chinese. Navi's fight against IG in TI2 was actually very close (IG even dropped to the loser's bracket and came back in the grand final's to win). No doubt IG is really insanely good, but so is the Alliance and I doubt it is as clear cut as so many people seem to be claiming.

At any rate I'd rather be rooting for the Alliance anyday. IG has no personality, sometimes they're like a bunch of robots and that makes the team less fun to root for heh.