Today was not an easy day by any means. It has been a long and tiring day, filled with complications and inefficiencies and generally things just didn't go well.

For one, this morning my phone suffered a second screen death. So people, do not buy HTC. I am not entirely sure what I'm going to do, but this is something I definitely have no intention of letting it pass easily. So customer service beware, I'm going to be mean and not be a pushover.

Actually I called them this morning and was hardly the pleasant customer to speak to. It was kinda strange because I was deliberately trying to be angry, direct and demanding with so that they would take me seriously and hopefully I could get something out of it, but at the same time I felt bad for the person at the other end of the phone who was just trying to do his job. In the end nothing much was achieved because I needed some stuff and I told them I would call again in the afternoon but never got the chance to.

And of course the reason why I never got the chance to, and missed pm, and reached bunk only less than an hour ago are the rest of the issues that arose through the rest of the day.

I also knocked down cadets for the first time today heh but I kinda just scolded them for ten seconds then told them to recover.

I must say though, while I was feeling annoyed and faced inconveniences for pretty much the whole day (and it doesn't get any easier for the remainder of this week and next week), I was constantly also reminded of how much I would be taking for granted if I allowed myself to be angered by what was happening.

As much as we had a tough time as instructors today, or actually for this batch thus far, the cadets have had it worse. Though I must admit some things they really did bring it upon themselves, having been through a tough pro term myself I really do understand how they must feel. The difficult things I'm going through now are nothing compared to when I was in BMT or in pro term, nothing compared to what my cadets are going through now.

I look around me (no need to go to the faraway lands and talk about distant starving children), and everywhere there are people who are struggling, who are hurting, who are sad and have more reason to be angry. It would be incredibly petty of me to allow all these to upset me more than they should. After all, for the most part I do live a really blessed life and all I really face now are annoyances and inconveniences. No matter how bad they are, these are things that wouldn't matter some time from now. I remember how one of my teachers had recently passed away, and I think of her family, and I wonder what right do I have to be upset.

I look around me, and recognised that no matter what happens, I still do have Christ. I live an abudant life, a life of love, joy and hope. That even as I missed pm today, I even had pm to look forward to (and the dinner with dear friends after that) while so many around me live like they have nothing to live for (the despondency I sense from people here sometimes can be a whole topic on its own).

So I am thankful. I may be wading through some sludge, but I'm not sinking