Spoiler: Alliance wins


Grand finals for The Premier League. Alliance won the winner's bracket so they had to win two games while Liquid had to win three.

Seriously Alliance? How is such clutch plays and perfect timings even possible. How do people come back from being beaten down so badly?

I was all like 'hey looks like Alliance will drop this match oh well Liquid needs three victories so it's okay' and then they do some insane plays (s4 clearly plays the sickest mag in the competitive scene now) and I don't know what to say. Liquid played so well but it was still in vain.

It's just crazy because Alliance just doesn't really ever seem to make mistakes, they play every game so perfectly, find just exactly the right moment to turn the tables and seize the victory in one decisive attack. The grand finals is the perfect example of how despite seemingly being pushed into a corner, they can still emerge and destroy the enemy.