A game of reversi

Humour me for a moment I know this seems so geeky but just wanted to share it. Above is a reversi game I played with myself. Yes myself I just doubled my geekiness in your eyes but seriously its a good way to find the weaknesses in your own moves.

Anyway, it is white's turn now and observe: every possible move white can possibly make now seems like a bad move. It would give black either complete dominance of the edges or give white a corner. Things seem pretty hopeless.

Well here's the thing. I ran through all the possible moves white can make from here and guess what, there are a number of moves white can make that would easily lead to a convincing white victory. If you're interested in the theorycraft, it has to do with this thing called uneven edges which would give black the east edge and one or two corners but grant white the rest of the edges and corners, along with it the massive amount of black that gets flipped when acquiring these positions.

I just thought it was pretty cool because it did look like for a moment that black was going to be completely dominant but what a turn around, this game is in reality decisively in the hands of white.

And I just have to draw the parallel here. Isn't it appropriate that the colours happen to be black and white? As the 'darkness' threatens to overcome the 'light' and all hope is lost, the truth is that the victory is already guaranteed for the 'light'. If only we could see how the pieces would fall into place, then we would know.