Originally I wanted to write a long post about why Singaporeans ought to stop whining and complaining about the government not doing anything (what do you expect them to do, magically create a huge fan to blow the haze back to Indonesia huh), but I decided I don't want to ramble on again about how people ought to stop making so much noise pollution, nor did I want to go into stuff related to politics (though in my previous post I did link an article that has to do with politics so go take a look at that).

So instead, just this - appreciate what you do have. Take this opportunity to do something, buy honey lemon for someone you love. Stop thinking of what we ought to deserve and recognise what we have been blessed with. Enjoy the little bit of surreal L4Dish atmosphere while it lasts (makes for some pretty cool effects, the sunsets and streetlights, can't do fog photography in Singapore but you can sure do haze photography).