I used to think that people who like cute and fluffy things should be pretty nice people

I guess I was going to say something about this whole hello kitty thing sooner or later, but I'm not going to talk about how ridiculous it is for people to queue for hours and hours for a pretty normal plush toy. Instead, I want to say something about what netizens have been posting online in various places (including the McDonalds facebook page). And what else other than the unfortunate pasttime of many Singaporeans - complaining.

Ok uhm so blaming government for everything that doesnt go well is one thing, but blaming McDonalds for not providing enough dolls and lack of social responsibility uhh...pardon me but I don't recall McDonalds owing you anything nor forcing you to buy the dolls...

I retract whatever statements I have made about Singaporeans blindly hating on the government. They actually just blindly hate on anything that doesn't seem to be going their way.

Thankfully majority of Singaporeans I know are not like that, I don't know how many of people out there are, but the netizens are really loud and anyone who takes a casual glance would easily assume that this is the general consensus of the population. I think this reflects terribly on our people.

Perhaps this is a more extreme case, but I think it says something about the state of our society today. Everything is about us, everyone seems to owe us something, when something doesn't go our way someone is to blame. To which I say: grow up. Its never just about you. No one owes you anything. This is just plain childish behavior and will only leave you feeling miserable all your life as things will always appear to be not going your way.

I wish our people would know that life isn't about having things go the way you want it to but about it going the way God has directed it to. That life isn't about demanding but about giving. That there would be less FMLs and more PTLs. I wish we would develop to be a more cultured and graceful people who would fill the air with melodies of love and joy, not screeches of rage and slander.

If you ask me, I'd say that perhaps the noise pollution here is more destructive than any air pollution we have been struck with thus far. At least the haze is short lived and affects only our physical bodies. These wrong attitudes however are a mental plague, an eternal-life threatening disease of the soul.