Weekend burns are always quite sian, especially sundays because you have to return early, while staying back later doesn't feel quite as bad. This particular one is really annoying for two reasons. Firstly because it was unexpected, originally it wasn't supposed to happen but because of unforeseen circumstances, we have to go back again on a weekend and that really sucks.

Secondly because I really planned this long weekend out and had various things scheduled, including taking leave on monday hence further extending the long weekend, this kinda ruins all my plans. Worse part of course being the fact that TI3 grand finals is on monday 10am and I can't watch it live. I would have watched tomorrow 3am's match as well but yea, a burn. Sure there's compensation for the time but it's just not the same. Furthermore with Ex Starlight coming soon, it's not that long before I have to leave Singapore for three whole weeks, time is short man.

No point whining or ranting too much about it though, sometimes you just gotta do what you have to do, whether you like it or not.